Tuesday, July 22, 2008


From #6:

I am getting bigger. I am the world's wiggliest nurser. My mom doesn't mind when I lay on her head. #2 is my favorite brother because he tickles me and makes me giggle and gut laugh. I love to eat. I love blueberries by the fistful. I love baked beans. I love watermelon. I love trout. Did I mention I love to eat? I climb stairs and untie shoes. I love sleeping in between mom and dad in the morning after I belch from my morning milk. I have no hair and I like it that way. I empty kitchen cupboards and empty mop buckets and cuddles.

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The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...