Saturday, July 26, 2008

House Update

We have had showings on our old house. Yeah!

The new house...I remember having a conversation with DH about how this house didn't have any projects....hmmmmm, I wonder what happened to that? We never can seem to get away with no house projects. We are working and this is what we have accomplished (sometimes we need these lists to help us see that there is light at the end of the tunnel):

enclosed the garage, created storage room, mudroom and work bench area
stained garage floor, drywall is primed and ready for paint
cleaned up after the contractor (sigh)
decided to replace the kitchen, designed the new cupboard space and finalizing it
picked out countertop
painted kitchen, living room, library, family room, school room, boys room, girls room, office, master bedroom-still have to paint upstairs hallway and master bath (it's wallpapered)
painted exterior doors
changed all the door knobs and locks
tored out carpet in master and replaced with laminate (dust allergies)
installed washer and dryer upstairs
ran network cables
replaced showerheads
weeded 4 flowerbeds (thistle was shoulder high)
pruned trees
removed fencing around dead fruit trees
learned how to back up a trailer
moved in 1 1/2 pods worth of stuff
donated a bunch of stuff
installed shelving in storage room
set up cabinets and computer countertop in school room
had the roof ridgevent fixed
got the pool working
hot water heater replaced
#1&2 learned how to mow 2 acres with a riding mower and how to manage a burn pile

okay, now I KNOW why I am tired. All this with a nursing baby.


Krista said...

Wow! That is some list for a house with no projects! lol

Jen B. said...

Holy COW GIRL!!! You are one busy lady -- but it wouldn't be you if you weren't. I am sure that you are just loving it out there with all the land for the kids to roam.


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