Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a vent

I have been ouside for 2 hours now. It is weeding season. Weed the kitchen garden, plant it, weed the big garden. Weed some more. Weed the flower beds. Weed the garden. You get the idea.

The children are expected to help. No one is exempted, tall and small are out "helping." One is doing yellow flowering weeds, one is doing white flowering weeds, one is picking up dry stuff. They are in actuality working but they are just driving me BONKERS.

They are going to take 4 hours to do what is actually a 2 hour job. The mud ball fight continues as I type. They have already been informed they are not coming in until the job is done. They know the requirements and for bathroom breaks they can water trees.

I think I am just going to go around to the other side of the house and work where I don't have to listen to the bickering, arguing, screaming and blaming. Ah, brotherly love.

I really do want to sometimes just do the work and not involve them. It would be way easier but I know they need to adults who know how to finish a job. I just don't want to listen to them anymore today.

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