Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ah, the messes

Admission time.

Some days I really do not like the mom I am becoming.

I specifically feel powerless when it comes to the messes. And I don't seem to be able to convince my children to pick up their things, put away the things they have used or use a hamper. Is it the boy factor? I have nagged, cajoled, taken them away, made the buy their own things. And I have been nagging, cajoling, taking things away and making them buy their own things for years now.

I am using the power of the blog. I am going to take photos and post their messes. I am not going to be angry, nagging, cajoling. I am just going to hand their friends a piece of paper with the url on Sunday and let their friends see their dirty underwear.

"It's not the tragedies in life that kill us, it's the messes." Dorothy Parker

Post Numero Uno

See that lovely Calvin Klein suit? Crumpled up in a ball? what you don't see is the hanger that was 12 inches away and the hanging spot that was 24 inches away.

The lower picture was a very beautiful, freshly scrubbed bathroom. Key word was. What? No mom! I didn't leave any laundry in the bathroom.

These two photos courtesy of #1.

I showed the fam this blog entry at lunch today.
#1's response was, "YOU WOULDN'T DARE." Guess I hit a nerve?
"This is BLACKMAIL!" Guess I hit a nerve?
DH and I responsed, "No. This isn't blackmail. This is positive parenting."
We both had smiles on our faces.
#1 kept going. "#2! You have to hack the computer for me...." he kept on going.

Who says peer pressure isn't alive and well in homeschooling?


Marie said...

After you take, and post these photos, you need to abscond the items that are left in the inappropriate location. Then, when the need for clothing becomes desperate (ie:Sunday morning half hour before services and a boy who has to stand publicly in front of his peers), SELL or BARTER the clothing back to them.

This does not work with underwear and sox, because they do not care if they have any.

It does work with any items they NEED to wear (dress clothes, clothes their friends can see them in, clothes they MUST wear to do outside chores).

I have one child who keeps his things tidy. I have one child who does not.

Any belongings left out of place in the "common area" of the house become posession of the homeowner. The future of these items is at the homeowners discretion.

These tactics may not work, but you may make some extra cash or get some extra chores out of the deal.

They will be humiliated by the photos, and you will be furthering their torture with the change of posession.

Good luck.

Marie said...

Please make sure to tell the owner of these boxers, they sure are "cute".

Also let them know I am sharing these photos with MY boys, just so they know.

ScrappinCindy said...

I'm afraid you can't blame The Boy Factor. The girl in our house is the messy one; PJ cleans all the time.
Marie always has the best advice. She is my hero--still.
Gosh I miss you both!


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...