Monday, February 15, 2010

To Pennsylvania and back again

Our friends, the Earnshaws, called us up last weekend and said, "Come to our house and let's play!"

So we did.

10 hour drive, 10 kids, 4 adults in 1700 square feet, air mattress and 5 boys camping out on the living room floor. We had a blast! It was worth 22 hours in the car (10 hours plus 1 hour for stops times 2).

I loved hearing Kathy (age 14) tell her brother, "Jared, when the ourlastname's are around, you act like such a guy." I guess having those 3 sisters is repressive for his guy behavior.

The kids and dads went to see the Percy Jackson movie, Becci and I went to Echo Hill (mennonite grocery store-ladies, I bought the marshmallows from Lucky Charms without the cereal part, my kids are drooling), we met at Red Robin. Alan told the waiter (pointing to all 10 kids, implying they were all HIS), "We are trying to inspire them (leaning his head to DH and I) to start their own family." I sprayed pop. Becci went all googly eyed.

The kids all got along. #5 and #6 loved having big girls to play with.

The adults played Rook, Ticket to Ride, ate nachos and tons of junk food. The kids played Wii, Dutch Blitz, Bang, Farkle, Munchkin and many other games.

good times


Krista said...

Sounds like a blast!

I am drooling over Echo Hill. I love Amish/Mennonite stores.

Hilary said...

MMMMM. Sounds lovely. . . so glad you had such fun!


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