Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free is good

Today I was given 2 panels of a sliding glass door. We made 2 cold frames for the kitchen garden this afternoon. The big boys were assigned the task, told to get out the power tools, and given the advice of "measure twice, cut once."

#1 ignored the counsel of his mother. He had to re-do his cold frame. He growled the whole afternoon because of the injustice of life in having to do a job correctly.

#2 did his just fine. He measured twice and cut once.

The cold frames aren't in their final place yet. We will do that tomorrow. We were losing our light and we want to evaluate how to tilt the boxes about 10 degrees for more solar gain.

I planted the garlic today and got the hoops up on the kitchen garden for winter/early spring gardening. I have to buy the plastic for the hoops tomorrow.

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