Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 4 of the Flu

on Friday (Halloween Eve) all 6 of them were flat d.o.w.n. on the couches. All the energy they had was for watching TV. Needless to say Halloween was cancelled this year. I wasn't too terribly sad about that. And I must say, it was incredibly unusual to have all 6 of them in one room together and no one was arguing. I really did enjoy that day. I am not happy they were sick but at least no one had energy to argue.

DH, #2, #3, #5, #6 are still running fevers. #1 returned to seminary this morning to find that out of 19 kids in his class only 8 were there-all the others were out sick. We did do a full day of school yesterday to much whining, complaining and they finally won with their piles of used kleenex piled high on their desks. But really the real clincher of cancelling school today was #6. She is a Klingon. It is darn near impossible teaching grammar with someone climbing on you whining, "Mommmmmyyyyyy. Juice. Mommmmyyy. cough. cough"

Just math, reading and writing today. There are lots of educational videos are around we can watch (I raided the library on Saturday.) Other schools cancel when more than 50% of the students are sick, right?

Another note-those of you that have gotten this illness, I was talking with Nona over the weekend and Jon's doc says the cough for this one lasts 5-6 weeks. Doesn't that just make your day? (dripping with sarcasm)

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