Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let's chat about breakfast

I know many rely upon cold cereal and milk for breakfast. We love cereal here. #4 loves cereal too much-he is happy to eat it morning, noon, night and any snack in between. His mother loves cereal and regularly has a stash of sugar cereal in her bedroom hidden. (tsk, tsk, tsk)

But, we have been experiencing this phenomenon: if cereal is served for breakfast they are hungry LESS than an hour later. It costs me for the cereal (2 boxes and a gallon of milk) and then it costs me for the second breakfast. And the dishes. oooiiiiyyy. the dishes. (did you see the eye roll?)

I was having #3 make breakfast but everyone was hungry and crabby. He can make great toast, scrambled eggs, and set the table now. (I moved #3 to morning snack duty.) I am finding I have to make breakfast. I walk in from bringing #1 to early morning seminary and don my apron. If #6 doesn't eat a good breakfast, oh, the whining. Please just take me out back and put me out of my misery. Our most recent successes are migas con heuoves (corn tortillas and scrambled eggs) and graham cakes (kind of a breakfast cookie).

Here is a list of what we regularly eat:
oatmeal, raw and cooked (DH likes it raw with bananas and raisins, I think it is horse food)
cream of wheat
applesauce and toast (whole wheat)
scrambled eggs
fried eggs and toast
french toast
migas con heuvos
yogurt (homemade)
rice, milk and sugar
rice with fried eggs on top
graham cake with raisins and milk
breakfast apple crisp with vanilla yogurt (basically apple crisp, low sugar)
german pancake

Ingredient wise I use eggs, milk, bread, rice, cream of wheat, oatmeal, applesauce, canned fruit and dried fruit. Can anyone think of something with those ingredients that I can whip up another way?


Michelle said...

What about waffles? They can be topped in a variety of ways and can be very filling/

Tulip Girl said...

We have done waffles. With 6 children I find I can whip our pancakes faster with the 2 cast iron griddles I have. I do have 2 waffle irons, the 90 second cook ones even, but I just can't keep up with demand and more than 2 irons blows the circuit breaker in the kitchen. It is a good idea-we normally have them on fast Sunday.

The Lunds said...

breakfast burritos
chorizo and eggs
one-eyed monsters
bread pudding
green eggs and ham
egg mcmuffins (egg,ham,cheese sandwich)
bagels, cream cheese, salami
kim chi fried rice
muffins and fruit
huevos rancheros
been and cheese tacos



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