Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My new life.

The new house has a couple of things we never anticipated. The first is the driveway. We are set back 500 feet off the road. It is a wonderful thing for not having to worry about a child getting hit by a car but it is the lowest area of the property. It ices over. It drifts over. The new van didn't come with snow tires. If it snows on Saturday night we don't go to church-the roads aren't cleared/drifted over and the van gets stuck. The new part of my life is if you get out (of the the driveway, or the 3 miles of dirt road to get to us) you do ALL the errands. I anticipated the not being able to run to Nino's. I never thought about being snowed in for several days after each snowfall. Today I had a doctor appointment and then every single errand we had to do. (I think it was 7 stops.) Water, veggies, returns, look for boots, post office, library, lunch and doctor. I don't mind too much. I am very blessed that the big boys can keep things under control for 5-6 hours when I am gone and DH is here for supervision.

At the old house I would have errands to help blow off some steam cause I could get away for an hour or so. So now I am trying to find new coping mechanisms. but apparently my friends have none so they will die bald from stress induced disesases!!! :) but of course that is only if you think it is a stress::flutter my eyelashes at you:: are you reading my sarcasm??? hmmmmm?????

and if you don't know what I am talking about read the comments from the last post. Trying the bath and book tonight...


NatalieHemingway said...

Oh goodness!! I don't think I could live that far from civilization. Mcdonalds is 4 blocks away... along with a grocery store, pharmacy, and Circle K. Your driveway is that long!! YIKES!

I also run errands to get away when I can. Unfortunately it isn't often that I can because my kids are just too young to hold down the fort on their own. Oh how I can't wait for that day (***dreaming***)...sigh.

The Lunds said...

You don't need snow tires, you need chains. This dilemma at least teaches us the right question to ask if we ever decide to move out to the country. Who plows your driveway?


Tulip Girl said...

The driveway is snowblowed by the boys. We got lucky this last Saturday in the the neighbor plowed us out. Even yesterday the drifting was so bad that I almost got stuck getting IN from the errands.