Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He is on a roll!

#4 has been very prolific in his comments lately.

He told me I had a big belly.

He told me my butt jiggles when I walk.

He said I am sixty-zero years old. (600! REALLY?)

Last night we were cuddling in bed, watching a video on Hulu. We were watching Picture Perfect with Jennifer Anniston.

"Mom? You see her hair. It is booootiful."
"Yes, she does have very pretty hair."
"Mom? I like yours best."

and he pets my hair.


Jen B. said...

You just gotta love #4 -- how funny. You are a very young looking 600 year old!! Thanks -- I needed a laugh today.

The Amayesings said...

It's amazing how one sweet expression (after the not-so-sweet, but totally inoccent comments) can melt the heart of a mother! What a funny kid.


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