Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Home Evening

The theme was Landmarks. Each member was encouraged to show a photo of a landmark in the their life. As most family gatherings we also were encouraged to sing our favorite song. The girls sang but if you look to the right of the photo that slumped over guy holding his glasses and looking like he would rather be anywhere-else-but-here tells exactly how #1 felt. Needless to say our boys didn't sing. My boys will sing but not in front of people-even family.

Our family landmarks were:
mine: DH's and my first date in Toronto that he didn't actually admit was a date until we were married 5 years.
DH: our wedding day
#1: receiving the Aaronic priesthood
#2: being baptized
#3: learning to tie his shoes (hallelujah!!)
#4: wearing big boy underwear and giving up his binky
#5: having a pig tail
#6: being born

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