Saturday, March 1, 2008

So Long


auf Wiedersehen

good night

The Suburban has been replaced. It has had a problem. Every now and then, and mind you only every now and then, it wouldn't start. It wouldn't start only for me and it did it twice when I was pregnant and twice with children aboard. All the dash lights would turn on but it wouldn't crank. When I was stranded at the Target parking lot, had called AAA, the towtruck was turning into the lot and then it started. At least I only had the eldest and the youngest with me that day.

We brought it to the shop. $1500 later...two weeks later I am stranded with all 6 children, AAA is called, #2 tries it and it starts. We sent it back to the shop but after 3 days they gave up and couldn't find a problem.

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