Thursday, June 21, 2007

I got a gripe here

I have pink eye. I don't know if it bacterial, viral or from allergies. All I know is my left eyeball alternates between feeling like there is a piece of sandpaper in it to exploding. I decide to actually go to the doctor. I try to handle all minor medical things at home. I have learned after 5 kids and various flesh filleting done by husband and sons on house projects when to go to the doctors and when to just handle it at home.

Once again the traditional medical system has proven to me it SUCKS. (Sorry mom.) I went to the doctors office and was thankful her accent wasn't so thick I could actually understand her. I have a PCP but can rarely get in to see him so they farm me out to other doctors that don't read my file, see that I am 25 weeks pregnant and actually listen to me. I had all 5 of the kidlets with me in that 8x8 room (last minute appointment). I explain I am here because of pink eye, she does all the light tests, "does it hurt?" poking and prodding. I make to tell her twice that I am 25 weeks pregnant. She says, "Yes, you have conjuntivitis" opens the doors and says she will be right back. That is 15-20 minutes in doctor language. She comes back and gives me a prescription for 2 medications and this is what she says, "Here is a prescription. The first is antibiotic drops but you probably have viral conjunctivitis. The second is for Claritin but they have never tested it on pregnant women."

So, I have a Rx for 2 medications that have not been tested to see if they would cause any damage to the baby, viral conjuntivitis and an antibiotic treatment that won't help a viral infection and I am now out the copay and spending an hour of quality time with my children in an 8x8 examination room. Good thing they all came home with a pair of latex gloves to put on their heads to be roosters.

And the traditional medical establishment wonders why people turn to alternative medicine...

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