Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Classics: Floor Surfing

We owned a house in Richardson, TX that had a huge family room. The floor was covered in a plastic "wood" laminate on the concrete slab. DH was travelling 4-5 days a week at that time and Thursday was cleaning day. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were not and with 3 boys under 5 the floor seemed to get pretty sticky and gucky. (This is the house where the raisin bran and milk were dumped on the floor-remember? the boys eating like puppies?) The room had to be 30 feet by 25 feet. The couches were around the perimeter and there was lots of space in the middle.

One Thursday we needed to mop the floor. I got out the bucket and just knew that the boys were going to want to help. I got out extra rags and had them strip down to their underwear. (Hey, I was cleaning the floor-I didn't need extra laundry too.) I start mopping, they start mopping, we are having a good time. We are singing. We are scrubbing. #3 decides he just can't get enough water and climbs into the mop bucket. Water is being splashed all over the floor. #1 decides that #3 needs a bucket ride. He pushes the bucket around the room and water is sloshing out all over the place. #2 is chasing and slips and belly flops. And from there Floor Surfing is born. They would stand at one corner of the room, take a fast little fun and flop onto their belly and slide all the way across the rest of the room.

The bucket ended up emptied on the floor, and all three of them ended up running and belly flopping onto the floor and sliding across the floor. It was a blast. I took a video. There were waves. And really, really tired, happy kids. I used up every single towel in the house to dry it up (so much for the laundry). My father-in-law saw the video and gave me something in between a tsk-ing and a chewing out. Apparently I should have never let them do that. But you know what? my kids like to mop floors to this day. And I was in the Fun Mom's Club.

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