Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Change is in the Air

School around here is looking a bit different this year. We are currently investigating online high school options for #1 and #2. It looks like Mom will not be their teacher this year.

I am good with that!

We have been investigating their options since our move. In our county we have middle collages. It is basically high school and college mixed together. In three years they could have their high school diploma, an associates degree or technical degree. For a family that has been paying taxes for years and not using the public schools we are really hoping the children will be able to get their first 2 years of college done this way. We looked into the online high school option to prepare them for college style classes. Being accountable to someone besides mom and dad and a more rigorous schedule is just what they need!

I get to concentrate on the little kids now. I am good with that!

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