Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking a little plain around here

Need decorating help. We took down the Christmas decorations and it is looking a bit bare around here.

I need one of those decorators that use the stuff you have and a couple cans of paint and make it look marvelous.

Just whining. Anyone want to help out? I can post pictures of what I have and the rooms.

And how is it that I can take a pile of junk, sort it, categorize it, file it, put it all away and yet I cannot figure out what pictures to put on what walls?

So, if I have any helpers out there in cyber land. The walls are heavy cream. They are staying heavy cream. I need dashes of color. Persian blue would be a nice color to thrown around here. For some odd coincidence my valances match the walls and during the summer it is colorful enough around here cause I have green beautiful views. And I like that. And I am more on the simple side-modern eclectic traditionalist when it comes to style with some french country thrown in here and there. But things must be practical! I still have 2 Mistresses of Mess who love to climb and I have so many other things to do than keep after them for messing with decorations.

I haven't put up my art deco stained glass windows yet. I don't know if they will look good on the windows that have mullins. All the windows in this new house have mullins. or is it mullions? the dividers in the windows that separate the window into 8 panes. I have a huge clock (I got it free at a garage sale.) I could paint the wood persian blue for a dash of color. It is dark oak now. But I won't paint the stain glass windows-antiques, one side of the window is dark wood and the other is shabby chic old white. I have a water color landscape, our wedding picture, a cross stitch sampler, a cross stitch Home Sweet Home, virtually no knic knacs (see above mentioned children), a quilt wall hanging, 18 5x7 frames that have older pictures of the kids (all same cherry wood), a couple maple shaker boxes, I guess I will just have to find the camera and post pictures.

Forensic interview is tomorrow.

I am trying to keep busy.



The Lunds said...

Okay, who ever takes you up on the offer, when you are done, send them my way!

I just started getting out more pictures this last year. I still need to finish the rooms that were started 9 years ago. Ha, ha, ha.


Krista said...

Post the pics. I would love to offer my opinion. For some reason, I know exactly what to do in other peoples houses but couldn't decorate mine if I had to.

What about painting the clock and picture frames the same blue?


If you don't want to use the stained glass windows I would be glad to give them a home for you. lol Not sure about hanging them in front of the mullions. If they are all the same as the one reflected in the mirror that is a lot going on. Do you have an open kitchen/dining room like before? If so, hanging them over the counter would divide it a little but not block the light.


The days are so different. Instead of mess and homeschool teaching I have a DH working from home and quiet until 2:54 when #6 (who is 10)...