Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Season of No Play Dates

I limit playdates between Thanksgiving and New Years. It is out of necessity. I like my kids and prefer them unbruised. Why would they be bruised? Well....this is a long story.

About 6 years ago when this time of the year came around we had a baby. This baby was our fourth son. He helped heal our hearts. A very cute baby that didn't like to sleep.

As my husband will confirm, without sleep I don't do too good. I think my mother will confirm I have always been this way. I am one of those people that just needs their sleep. My sense of humor disappears, my ability to think decreases, my growling increases and my level of patience dwindles, rapidly.

Six year ago #1 handed me two pieces of paper. One was his list to Santa and one was his list to mom and dad. "Here you go mom. I know I will get all these presents." I hestitated to take the lists. I knew that there was no way he was getting all of the items on the lists. I was proud he actually wrote the lists. But I hadn't slept since the end of August. I was irritated that he was milking the system for more gifts. But most of all, I couldn't come up with a lie fast enough.

I couldn't come up with, "Well you know Santa doesn't do big lists." My brain froze. So I closed the bedroom door and said, "You know that Mom and Dad are really Santa, don't you?" He figured but was in denial. I swore him to secrecy. I was hoping to just ride it out. With an 8 year old, 7 year old, 3 1/2 year old I wanted to keep the Santa magic going.

It didn't turn out that way.

#1 immediately blabbed to #2. A pattern that continues as they are best friends and share most everything except toothbrushes and socks. #3, a bright, precocious, incredibly verbal 3 1/2 year old caught on or was told by his older brothers.

I sat them all down and told them to not talk about it with other children. Other families do Santa differently. Do not talk about it. Every year since then, I have to have the DO NOT TALK ABOUT IT talk the day after Thanksgiving.

#3 did talk about it. (In retrospect, why wouldn't he talk about it? He talked about everything else, anywhere he wanted to. Still does!) In Sunday School at church. Santa was vehemently defended. He was adamant. Little girls and my little boy were almost in a fist fight in Sunday School.

Our family was the subject of leadership meetings.


I took #3 to the dentist the next year. All the adults around him kept asking if he was looking forward to Santa coming. He would say, "Santa IS Not Weal!" and absolutely shock every single one of them. I would sheepishly smile and say, "Older brothers" and shrug.

Since he can't keep his mouth shut, and neither can his younger brother or sister, we decided no play dates during this time of the year. We have absolutely no confidence in their ability to keep their mouths shut, not tell the other little children, burst the bubble and upset parents.

No play dates because "Santa is not Weal!"

and if anyone need confirmation this story is true. Ask Hilary.

Right, Hilary??

keep smiling, Hilary? smile!

(and even though we miss you, be glad at this time of the year because #3 would be with your #2, and my #6 would be with your #4 and I haven't done the math yet to figure out if #4 is with your #3. You would have gotten bombarded!)


Krista said...

I totally remember that happening! Love it!

Hilary said...

Dana - it's hilarious that you mention me - I've pretty much forgotten all about it, for sure all of the details. . . Too funny, though - and funny that your playdates are squelched during this time. . . do your boys not want to play into it for the girls? Or is it just game over? Madison *loves* 'helping Santa' and the others are all still believers. . . it's all good, Dana - ALL GOOD! xx.

Michelle said...

Ah! That's a great story but now you have me worried about my kids and bruises, lol. You could totally have playdates with them during this time of year because we don't plan to "do" Santa. Nathan is just at the age where Santa at the mall doesn't freak him out and I am sure he's picking up some things about who Santa is but I will never tell them that Santa is a "weal" person who brings gifts to good little boys and girls. We plan to treat him like any other character.


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