Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting the manners down pat, now let's work on that tact

#2 is having a hard birthday week. He received his gift a few weeks ago (a target for shooting his .22) when Dan came out to shoot. On Monday his birthday came with a special dinner but not special enough. He really wanted real mashed potatoes and I was dead-dog tired and he got instant. And he had to make his dessert. I had all the ingredients but he had to put them together. Essentially, it was really anti-climatic.

We have all had those kind of birthdays. Haven't we? Maybe it was too early for him.

He just got a card from Grammie. It contained a check. The policy in the house is before you spend the moolah, write the thank you note. (To my mother and sister-I am trying to do better-trying.) The card arrived, the note was written.

Apparently, he is a little bitter at his anti-climatic birthday.

The text of the note was something like this:

Dear Grammie,
Thank you for the birthday card and money.
It was the only birthday card I received this year and
it was three days late.
sorry mom.
I pulled him aside and told him he was being disrespectful. He should be thankful he was remembered at all.
and I called Grandma to remind her to call him for his birthday.
(Grammie is my mom-Grandma is DH's mom.)

UPDATE: Yesterday, #2 ran this out to the mailbox and everything. He was not budging. This morning I heard the door slam and see a winded #2. He ran out to the mailbox to retrieve his letter. He is rewriting it.

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Yo Ma Ma said...

I loved the letter and I will save it for his children. You can see the words he erased.


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