Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I went and bought a gardening hat

#4 said, "oooooo! INdiana Jones Hat!"

Ready for the tally?
Yesterday I planted 80 strawberry plants, approximately 160 onion sets (didn't count), and 8 plants of rhubarb. I put in 1 garden bed of pinto beans (just to see if we can actually grow them).

Today: 160 onion sets, 80 seed potatoes, 16 cauliflower, 4 eggplant, 4 cabbage, 40 broccoli, 24 peppers (gypsy, pimento, italia, romana, cubanelle, anaheim, jalepeno), 20 cucumbers (pickling and burpless), summer squash 6 (zephyr), winter squash 14 (hopi pale grey, buttercup, acorn), tomato 124 (jet star, yellow pear, san merino ?, jubilee, beaverlodge plum, beef steak), tomatillos 8 (verde and mexican), ground cherries 8 (Aunt Molly's and pineapple)

In the kitchen garden:
shallots, garlic, lettuce, red onions, swiss chard, spinach, red pear tomatos, another san marino tomato (the neighbor gave them to me and I have to recheck the name-it is san m-something), sweet pea tomato, triefele tomato, 4 cukes, 4 banana peppers, white cherry tomatoes, cherry delight tomato, and a couple more that I can't remember without running downstairs and outside to check.

Lessons learned this season so far:

The baby will pull out as many markers of plants as possible and mix them up
Sharpie markers run on popsicle sticks that are markers-use ink pen
Need a better way to start seeds-greenhouse needed (and I have a place for it!)

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Krista said...

I finally bought my "proper Southern gardening hat" last week. Love it!


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