Monday, May 4, 2009

I am glad she has a sense of humor

#5 was dancing around the kitchen, "Dad, I want a peanutbudda sandwich." He keeps walking and says, "That's nice."

She comes to me. "Mom, I want a peanutbudda sandwich!"
"Oh, that's nice. Maybe I would make you one if you said, "Mom, I am hungry would you please make me a peanut butter sandwich?""
Dancing in place, "Mom, can you please make me a peanutbudda sandwich?"
"Sure, if you go wash your face first."
She scurries off and heads to the front hall. It has a mirror that goes low enough that that 4 year old can see her face without climbing on anything. All the sudden I hear gut-busting laughter. She is laughing at herself and the mess that was on her face. She had a ring around her mouth of chocolate something (who knows, I was gone to the dentist), hard boiled egg crumbs and boogers. I am glad she laughed about it, cause it wasn't making ME laugh.

Off the make a peanutbutter sandwich...

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Luke said...

[smile] It's good to find joy in the little things.



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