Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Time Has Come

and it was way too soon.



#6 polevaulted out of her crib today. That is how DH described it.

I was in the basement working on the seedlings and I could hear her screeching all the way down in the basement. She was so ticked that she couldn't get out of the room. (The door knob is lever type and it only opens when you pull UP on it and she has to tippy-toe it to pull down.) I abandoned my seeds to go comfort her.

I tried getting her to go to sleep on the toddler bed. No way.
I tried getting her to lay down on the pillows on the floor. No way.
I held in my arms and rocked her and patted her bum and she fell asleep for 5 minutes.

I had the big boys bring 2 twin mattresses up. I am now officially the mama of people who only sleep in twin beds (and mine).

It is sad.

too soon

too soon

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