Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ah, life

Yesterday #5 barfed on me in the middle of Ace hardware. "Mom I hab owie tummy" splat. Luckily I was right next to the paint trays and caught all but the first splash. The clerks were really horrified. Yes, I bought the paint tray.

Today I got a needle stuck in my eyeball. On purpose. I needed chocolate and a nap afterwards.

The move is progressing, the 2nd pod is almost full, the carpet is being laid tomorrow and the floors sanded next week. Oh, I didn't tell you we are moving? We are moving! We found 5 acres about an hour away from here. All the kids are very excited. I am too-I can have chickens. I haven't enjoyed making our very lived in house looked unlived in with us still living in it. Anyone who has listed a house before knows what I am talking about.

#6 is totally in love with my boobs. She laughs and looks at my chest everytime she sees me. Ah!Milk! She is crawling and has already found a perch on the dishwasher door.

#5 is recovering from a 24 hour flu. She now knows how to barf in the toilet and a bowl.

#4 learned in primary how to make the I love you sign in sign language-except he can't seem to get his thumb out when he does it. So he has been going around doing the Rock and Roll sign. At first I would sign back the proper sign and tell him I love him. Then one time I just used both hands, did the rock and roll sign and hollered, "Rock and Roll Dude!" He loved it. Absolutely loved it. So now he will give me the sign, say, "Wuv you mom. ROCK AND ROLL!" It makes me laugh every time.

#3 is worried that AnnMarie won't be told we are moving. I hunted her mom down and emailed but he still worried to lose her. I am doing my best.

#2 scraped himself hauling an AC unit out to the Pod today. He looked at his cut/scrape, pondered the Creation and thought that everything in his hand was "really cool mom-look at it."

#1 is a great big brother. I watch my eldest and my youngest and how they interact. I love watching them. They adore each other. He was playing with her this evening and I felt the need to tell him to enjoy it. "Just enjoy this time." He looked confused and I told him that soon she will turn into an obstinate toddler like her sister and just enjoy that baby now. I think he understood cause he picked her up, cuddled her and made her giggle,

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