Thursday, June 22, 2006

Old Fashioned

I hired a personal trainer for a few months. I spent the Christmas money my grandmothers sent to me and used it on me. Only me. It is something I rarely do and I am not incredibly comfortable spending money only on me. Guess that is a mother thing.

My trainer was nice and personable. Blonde. Perky. Heading off to school. As I would sweat and she would say, "Come on only 15 more." we got to know each other better. She was amazed at my stories of the BrownHeads. I was amazed at her new relationship with her boyfriend. Oh, wait. Maybe he isn't a boyfriend. That would be too committed.

She thinks she loves this man. She can see having a family with him. She sleeps with him. But she can't tell him that she loves him or that he is her boyfriend.

So, here is me climbing onto my soapbox. (hopefully it doesn't involve a lunge)

How in the world can you think that having ahhhhmmmm with someone isn't a commitment?

Once you have ahhhhmmmmm with someone you are committed. You are committed to the responsibilities that come with the act and the outcome.

I know I am old-fashioned according to some. Is it so wrong to save intimacy until after the marriage? Honestly, I think the fact that DH and I waited is a strength in our relationship.

Climbing down now....

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