Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Bike Adventure a.k.a. disciplining different kids calls for different methods

#1 and #2 are biking to seminary in the morning. If it is not raining or rained the night before. They have headlights, tail lights, bright orange vests with reflector tape and a cell phone.

Seminary starts at 6:25 am. The ride is 4.6 miles long and takes about 20-25 minutes depending on potholes. They left a little late this morning. #2 is the keeper of the phone. We got a pay by the minute phone for them to use so they can check in when they get to the church. One ring and hang up then mom knows you are safe.

This morning the ring didn't stop.

I jump out of bed, get the phone and talk with #2. "I am here fine but the last time I saw #1 he was at the end of the driveway." #2 hates to be late and #1 was not going as fast as #2 wanted him to go. The last time #2 saw #1 was at the HOUSE end of the driveway. He took off and didn't stay with his brother.

I get dressed and start the Suburban and start the drive. Praying the whole time. Alternating prayer with, "that stupid kid. Why didn't he just wait?" I get the church and see two bikes parked. whew

The phone rings about a half hour later. #1's chain won't stay on. Please come get us. I pick up #1. Tell #2 to ride home. #1 relates to me how he broke down halfway to the church but he didn't have a phone because his brother took off and he was 25 minutes late getting to class. Oh, and what is for breakfast? (you know that important boy stuff, "I am safe, feed me.")

If I was to have this conversation with #1 it would involve blocking out an hour of time. He would get defensive, we would have to go around and around with him ending up growling at me and doing extra chores and push-ups.

Instead I had this conversation with #2:
"You guys are like missionary companions. You stick together. If one of you had been hit by a car at a high speed there is a strong possibility you would not be able to dial a phone. Therefore you must stick together. Keep each other safe."
"OK mom. I will stay with him from now on."

I let it sink in for a half hour. He is sitting next to me at the breakfast table. I look over at him and ask, "Do I need to go over this conversation again with you?"
"Nope. I got it."

wow, what different kids these two are.

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