Wednesday, November 28, 2007

updates and a funny

#5 funny--we had a candle lit yesterday. It is unusual and I actually cannot remember why we lit it. Maybe to torture the curious cat? she will not leave it alone (she singed her eyebrows but is not hurt). Jezabel is just a plain ole curious cat that I think is part dog. Anyway, back to the story....#5 looks at the candle, points at it and calls it, "counter fire." I had to giggle. It was a fire on the counter.

Jon has been in the hospital for 12 days now. He was spiking fevers over 105. They thought he had a fungal infection in one of his lungs but that hasn't been confirmed. Now they have found a 2 cm x 3cm blood clot in his right ventricle. So, essentially he has a gumball sized blood clot in his heart. Pray. Please.

Baby is turning into a cute Hubba Chubba. She is smiling and cooing and sleeping through the night. Not necessarily any naps during the day but we will take the sleeping through the night. She is well adored by all the "bwuddas and sista" as we work to keep #5 from rubbing all the peach fuzz off the top of her head.

#1 is approaching 5'8" and I have to look up at him now. sigh
#2 has a birthday coming up and I just can't think of a great gift-placenta brain (it lasts longer with each baby)
#3 is walking a fine line right now-big boy, little boy, responsibilities, dodging responsibility
#4 loves the new baby and pulled her eyelids up to talk to her when she had just fallen asleep today
#5 has had the vocabulary boom. From the moment she awakes until she falls asleep she is talking, talking, talking. She made the move to a big girl bed but had to spend a couple nights in the baby's crib to make the transition.
#6 is cute, charming her father and just getting over thrush. I used Gentian Violet and had a purple mouthed babe for a few days. Since she is nursing I was also purple. To use GV you paint it on the babies mouth three times a day. I was painting her one time and #5 decided to 'help.' So, I painted #6 and was then looking for a place to put the bottle of GV so that #5 wouldn't get it (it is dark purple and stains). There were no tables close or older child or hubby and not wanting to spill it I stuck it in my cleavage. It was there until I could hand off the baby and then I went to get the bottle and realized the cap wasn't on tight. Can you say purple cleavage? sheesh Purple hills and valley

The preeclampsia was horrid. The swelling didn't completely go away for a month and my liver is still not functioning correctly. So, while I am not 100% yet I am not 0% either. I am so thankful that the baby and I are okay.

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